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What is JsonSerializerLite?

JsonSerializerLite is a C#.NET library that aims to be a compliant, easy-to-use and lightweight JSON serializer/deserializer.


Both the serializer and deserializer are extensible by means of type-bound plugins. These plugins can for instance parse a sub-object by themselves and leave the rest of the object for the serializer.

Current stage: Alpha

The project as a whole is currently in alpha stage meaning it lacks a handful of features and might contain bugs. However, the serializer should be stable and has unit tests available. The deserializer is in development but should already work for simple types (including nesting, excluding arrays though).

Both the deserializer and validator should not be used yet as their output may differ over revisions.

Framework support

The library itself and the sandbox are designed to support the .NET framework starting from v2.0. The unit-tests and benchmark must be built against v4.0 due to dependencies. Although Mono compatibility hasn't been tested, I don't expect any issues as there should be no platform-dependent code or any use of P-invokes.

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